Michelle Taube

About me

Photo: Michelle in studio

Michelle Taube graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004 with a degree in Illustration with animation, where she specialised in watercolour painting. She then went on to complete a PGCE, after which she spent many years teaching Art and Design in schools and colleges. Michelle continued to produce and sell her own work, winning the IJYA young artist of the year in 2005 and exhibiting in and around Manchester and London.
Over the years her work has changed but she has always been inspired by her local environment, that being Manchester.

Michelle is best known for her architectural paintings of the city, but her latest ‘flower collection’ has seen a shift in her painting practice. Having always been interested in colour and observational painting and drawing, this new body of work homes in on these two elements. The act of painting flowers has given her more freedom within the brushstrokes, whilst still allowing her to record the detail within the objects. Michelle plays with scale and backgrounds, adding quirky text to make the viewer question the subject matter.

Flowers can say a number of things; thank-you, I love you, get well soon, happy birthday, my condolences or just a simple sorry.

Ask yourself the question!

Why do we give flowers?
Do we all love to receive them?
Are they a mask for an underlying issue?
Do they excuse a loved one’s behaviour?
Why bother giving them at all when they are here for such a fleeting moment before they die?

She is now working on several new projects and taking on commissions.